about kashy


British singer-songwriter Kashy Keegan is best known for writing songs with an uplifting and inspirational message like “This Is My Dream” that, in October 2013, beat international artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber to top the Hong Kong iTunes chart. He performed the song in front of an estimated crowd of 30,000 in the centre of Hong Kong and in February 2014 returned to play his first headline concert. By 2014, his debut album This Is My Dream was released under Evosound label, featuring ten new energising tracks. Kashy received growing attention among local media.


Kashy started taking piano lessons aged seven to learn the rudiments and around the age of 10 had written his first song. As a teenager he worked any odd job to afford time in a recording studio. Songwriting was his life and an all-consuming passion that has remained to this day. His songs characteristically contain strong melodies and meaningful messages. He takes inspiration from all of life, the good, the bad, the rise and the fall for he sees it all as having reason and purpose.

Kashy is a true reflection of his music. He puts every ounce of his heart and soul into his singing and songwriting. He has sensitivity for emotion that is authentically expressed throughout his many compositions. Using music to help empower others or to try and provide some form of hope, comfort or healing has always been at the core of what has driven Kashy to write songs.

“Most of the songs that I have written are encouragement songs, talking about self belief, self acceptance and inner strength. Writing songs for me has always been a therapeutic escape. The songs were my way of trying to inspire some hope and inner strength to rise above many of the negative situations that I faced growing up. I found that remaining strong mentally was the key to not being dragged down and, for me, music and listening to certain empowerment songs were my main way of achieving this." In total it took Kashy 15 years before he got his first break. His story really is one of perseverance. He wrote his most well known song 'This Is My Dream' back in 2007 but it wasn't until 2012 that it first got used as a motivational song for the London Olympics.


Later that year Kashy was discovered by a music supervisor who works for a television network in Hong Kong. The song gained popularity in Hong Kong. That’s when Kashy decided to journey to Hong Kong with nothing but a suitcase and a passion for music. He performed the song in front of a crowd of around 30,000 before the Hong Kong Legislative Council building.

In February 2014 Kashy returned again to Hong Kong to play his first headline concert at the Hong Kong Y-Theatre. Kashy then decided to stay in Hong Kong to continue pursuing his career as an artist. In October 2014, Kashy Keegan entered the MTV Asia Project Aloft Stars. During the live Beijing Finals, he was fan-picked the first runner-up for the competition despite the language barrier.


In December 2014, Kashy’s dream finally turned into reality when he gained the opportunity to work with Hong Kong record label, Evosound, to release his debut album This Is My Dream, featuring signature tracks such as This Is My Dream, I’ve Found Home, Yes I Can and many more. The album was produced in top sound quality with a hand-picked selection of Kashy’s finest compositions.

Within a week from release, This Is My Dream has made its way to the Top 40 in Hong Kong HMV Pop Charts. The title track was soon picked to be the theme song for HKTV reality show The Challenge and the theme song for the channel.

On January 9th, 2015, media and friends celebrated Kashy’s album launch in Hong Kong HMV’s flagship store HMVideal, where international television channel Bloomberg TV covered the event.

In the past year, Kashy was invited by some of Hong Kong’s hottest media sites, such as Apple Daily, Ming Pao Daily, HK Magazine, music magazine re:spect, interview with veteran RTHK DJ Alex Lee at his prime show Made In Hong Kong and many more.


Shortly after the album release, KashyKeeganVEVO was launched with music videos that reflects Kashy’s honesty and perseverance. This immense pack of talent is now set for an ambition bigger than what is needed to take one city, Kashy plans on taking his passion for music further into the Asia audience.


On 21 November 2016, Kashy released his first original song in Mandarin, titled 堅守我的夢. The song is a reworking of his English hit This Is My Dream, which was previously a chart topper in Hong Kong. Now, the Hong Kong-based British singer is setting his sights on furthering his dream by recording the song in Mandarin.
"I was so surprised and pleased by the success of the song in Hong Kong," says Keegan. "But for it to really connect in the rest of Asia, it made sense that I should record it in Mandarin as it's the most spoken language here. I hope that with the Mandarin version, more people will be able to connect to the song and hopefully be inspired by it and use it as motivation to achieve their own dreams."